DAY OF THE PROFESSOR! TO BE PROFESSOR To be professor is much more of what entering in the classroom and explaining a content; It means to believe that the pupils are capable; To search alternatives so that they can create; To create what perhaps never it are imagined; To show to the apprentice of whom it is the PROTAGONIST! To be professor He is not for any one, therefore the necessary educator TO LOVE BELIEVING TO INNOVATE and TO TRANSFORM. It does not have prescriptions, But it has ways, ways these that guarantee the right of the pupil to learn. To learn so magical word That it is never constructed and finishes; That it is changedded and does not limit; Therefore it is that I say To be necessary professor also to transmit LOVE, Love that not if purchase, Love that if conquest Love that if improves To be professor Ah, is not any one Therefore it needs to make the difference!. . For even more analysis, hear from Neil Rubler.