Of course, I dared after all years of silence, without communication with EGAII authorities to ask a friend who I inquire what was the reality of EGAII and especially if you had recognized your work Mario Gonzalez, fortunately my friend told me that if I had some sharing lines with its current director, contact has disappeared again, something which caused me a little sad because after reading inside, which is the master’s program with their respective terms, their scope, recommendations, let me suggest a few questions, product of my proven experience for many years in this field in several Latin American countries, all with the purpose of giving opportunity to EGAII in going beyond national borders. School offered him the opportunity of exchanging students, faculty, research, both at MBA and Industrial Engineering on the program as currently coordinate the management of quality and productivity of the Graduate Area Faces of Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela.

The exchange figure was always on my mind since the beginning EGAII, because it allows organizational strengthening cultural pluralism, enable professionals to delve into the problems faced by other countries and implement all the knowledge acquired in their training. This also consolidates a wide gap faced by many graduate schools, such as the lack of linkage with industry, an aspect that can not be neglected, since the waste of talent that is manifested by not energize this link Unfortunately no answers There was no interest and missed the opportunity to make way for these openings that benefit both countries and even institutions. Let me remind the director, who since the inception of the project to put it into practice was very determined to keep up to date profile of the graduate in their respective entries and masters according to the needs of the region of the country, what globalization demand precisely to achieve this we must be updated programs, its contents, according to the chairs of managerial and engineering topics that the present claims.

Respect the actions and opinions of each authority, not me in on the operation of their plans, strategies, operation of the institution, but if I regret that miss opportunities, which when present should be maximized. Well I can tell you its graduates, the doors of program quality and productivity, such as MBA degree at our university are open, especially when we have an affinity commitment to achieving educational excellence and we are fully committed to the greatness of that sister country, Mexico. Congratulations to those who were able to train, train in EGAII and trust that their contributions, professional development will greatly benefit by all the institutions where they serve.