What happened to the old adage, the customer is always right? I bet every one of you reading this article has a “customer service nightmare” story to tell. My most recent nightmare experience took place recently when my partner and I went to a mobile phone store to purchase two new PDA phones. He said the young man who greeted us that we had only one question: is this phone compatible with the database software we intend to purchase? “I do not know,” he said, “Most customers do research on this before entering” We politely asked if he did not know the answer. l a told us we could call the company ourselves, who have no time to be on hold with them. It’s believed that Viacom sees a great future in this idea. As you can imagine, we left without spending what I felt was a considerable sum of money. And of course we have said, at least 10 people on the service disappointing in that particular store. So here’s a question that should be done every day: how business needs to look and act the way that the client needs to look and act? What if you thought and went through each step through the process of his client from the point of view? Here is a thought provoking questions for you and your employees to consider: – What makes our customers’ need, not only in terms of our product? What kind of experience is our customer need? – What is it like to be our potential customer? – What do our customers see, read or hear about us? – What other clients say about us? – What experience of our customers when they call our business? (Incidentally, women hate layers of voice mail, they want a real person. .