Just add extra capacity enabling licenses (RTU’s), additional software, or additional pairs of cards within the ATCA platform to help eliminate the need for costly infrastructure upgrades at the central office. The 2000th CS also allows service providers to perform remote updates and patches integrated throughout the platform and applications reduce the expensive operating costs. The highest degree of hardware integration reduces the amount of wiring and installation effort on the ground and reduces deployment time by up to six weeks. The software (I) CVM 14 allows service providers to offer a wide variety of new applications for companies including SIP based Hosted Call Center for terminals / clients SIP, unified messaging clients (UC) SIP phone for more immigration Easy SIP end-user, extending the capabilities multimedia subscribers behind stem (trunks) Business SIP, SIP DECT handsets support for residential services, remote provisioning of SIP terminals for faster deployments and other OAM functions to help operators to reduce cost. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robert Bakish. Software (I) CVM 14 CS 2000 CS 2000th will be available for Nortel and the CS2000 hardware platforms previously deployed. It is hoped that recent advances in hardware and software of Nortel’s CS 2000 are available for the second quarter of 2010. Progress will be demonstrated at booth (# 2120) of Nortel in the Supercomm in Chicago this week.

For more information about Nortel at Supercomm, visit Nortel. com / events. Nortel has shipped more than 115 million VoIP and multimedia ports to over 350 operators to fixed line operators and wireless networks worldwide. Nortel deployments CVAs has customers in all continents with leading operators and has consistently been ranked the number one provider in VoIP and softswitch market for operators since 2002. In addition, Nortel provides VoIP solutions to two-thirds of the world list of IDC’s top 20 operators (by revenue). Nortel delivers communications capabilities that make the promise to make businesses more simple (Business Made Simple) is a reality for our customers. Our next-generation technologies for service providers and enterprise networks to support multimedia and business-critical applications.

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