Dear Friends! We start our new lesson on self-repair laptop, namely self-replacement of the matrix. This lesson is for informational purposes and is designed for novice masters. Remember what you do, you doing at your own risk. Our company does not assume full responsibility in case of damage to your equipment. zy Remember to repair the equipment should professionals. Let's go! As said Gagarin when flying into space )))) First remove the plug from the monitor laptop and there you will see the screws. (plug-rubber round, used to hide the screws on a laptop from prying eyes) The photo shows the screws are already vykrucheny take a closer look ) We now turn to the lifting of caps on the sides of the laptop! They serve to hide the loop fastening matrix notebook. Podtseplyaem small screwdriver, first on one side (inside) and then with the other by (Foreign).

Look no break, then hold otherwise they will not. If you suddenly bent antennae then gently vypryamte them back. Look no break )))))) Actually now I come to lift the lid on the very front the notebook. Carefully Insert your thin screwdriver (slotted) and a single motion with slight pressure downward push. After that, you should move away the cover and so on around the perimeter. Start from the top down! The result should get: Now we are looking for screws of the matrix and unscrew them until complete removal of the matrix on my laptop are two of them! They are usually about four. Carefully turn over the matrix and it is a loop video. Remove it does not broken.

Hover over image to enlarge! Everything is now a matrix in your hands. Change a new one. And repeat the procedure on this naoborot.Vse our lesson is over. If you are interested in the matrix that you can familiarize with the prices in Section Spare parts for laptops, or call us at tel.773-6180