Agency wins German Prize for business communication under the auspices of Klaus Wowereit and under the direction of Prof. Dr. Reinhold Roski, the jury in Berlin honored eight Prize winner with the Golden sparks.” “In the category of best Public Relations” for the campaign the future of reading “for their customers Internet GmbH wins ad publica public relations GmbH. The prize was awarded for the 13th time. Hamburg, June 2013. At a festive Gala, the jury in a TEPEE at the Chancellery 2013 honored the winners of the German Award for business communication.

The Golden spark”was awarded in eight categories to companies which are characterized by excellent communication. The jurors had nominated 50 finalists in eight categories from more than 1,200 high-profile campaigns on the basis of a scientifically drawn up criteria. “” the future of reading from WINS with the campaign is ad publica “for the customers Internet GmbH in the category of best Public Relations”. Developed for the launch of the brand Communications campaign consisted of strategy development, agenda-setting, issues management, public relations, public relations and internal communications. The German Award for business communication has existed for 13 years and is an award received for targeted, effective and innovative business communication companies and agencies from Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Prominent patrons of the price are Berlin’s Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit and Federal Minister of Economics Dr.

Philipp Rosler. Best Public Relations to the grounds it means: against the background of the growing E-book market was from Target was to create to convert this confidence and ultimately also to motivate actions through targeted PR measures a public interest for the new brand. The exclusivity strategy used, the principle of secrecy and targeted cooperation with Keymedien were sent and brought a very interesting drama in the relaunch. The interest of the was media therefore safely.” To Heiko Biesterfeldt, Managing Director of the Agency for press and public relations: We thank the jury for this award and the recognition of our work related. To win this prize encouraged us to run our campaign also remain knowledgeable and passionate”. Link to the press release: en/news-stories/ad-publica/Golden spark 2013 / about ad publica: the name says it: ad lat. Add to publica lat. publicly. Ad publica in the fields of strategy, positioning, as well as corporate and brand communications, advises as owner-managed public-relations agency in Hamburg and Cologne. For external and internal audiences, the Agency developed a performance-oriented PR measures, consistently creative strategy, challenging public relations and social media relations and corporate communications network to successful public relations. Also as an agency for change communication, Crisis PR, SEO, event communication and corporate publishing is ad publica established with its customers. MORE information and images: ad publica public relations GmbH Heiko Biesterfeldt Bush Street 12, 20354 Hamburg, Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 317 66-300 fax: + 49 (0) 40 317 66 301 mailto: