Underwent an initial assessment and final isokinetic on a Biodex System 3 Pro computer (manufacturer:) Biodex. Type: System 3 Pro. N? serial: 10011116. Date of manufacture: 10/2001. Model #: 830-200.

Dynamometer: mobile. Computer system: System3 advantage software (3.27). (? til: ankle.) To quantify: the maximum moment of force (peak torque), time to peak torque, trabajomaximo, total work and average power. The minimum age of the subjects is 18 years and the maximum age of 32 years. The women’s team in the senior category of the University of Murcia, formed by 13 women aged between 18 and 32 sample forms. The average age of the sample is 22.6 years old. Do do athletes performed two tests, both, with your dominant foot: described as flexion of ankle, unilateral, in concentric concentric contraction, at speeds of 30? /segundos (5 repetitions) and 300? /segundos (10 repetitions). With 45 seconds rest between sets; three and four following weeks was carried out the same work protocol but giving the athlete of two tech socks of decreasing compression pro-sport brand medilast Sport (model athletics).

Both tests were conducted prior warm-up with a biciergometro brand Suntruck 120 Magnetic tension control at level 45 for 5 minutes of duration and subsequent warming articulate ankle executor performing ten circunducciones in both directions with the tip of the foot resting on the ground and ten circunducciones without support; and subsequent stretching of the anterior face of the leg in standing position of passively against the wall and passive form on the back of the leg stretch offering resistance with the hands resting on the wall. The experimental test protocol was as follows: Presentacion de el Investigador, the room and the isokinetic dynamometer. Signature of the document accrediting the study and research test. Takes measures for specific sports material (Medilast Sport). The subject measurement: height and weight in enclosed room. Presentation of the action Protocol for global warming.