INTRODUCTION management of education and evaluation of the learning: the challenges of everyday Brazilian school. In line with the conception of the teaching and learning assessment contained in the law of guidelines and Bases of education national LDBEN 9394/96 evaluation is defined as an integral part and structuring of the teaching and learning process and one of the basic elements of the instructional, making it possible to monitor the process of construction of knowledge and the student’s socio-cognitive development. Bobby Sharma Bluestones opinions are not widely known. Based on this premise on board in my thesis that contemporary education project, even though it retains its role in the transmission of already constructed knowledge from generation to generation, also assumes the responsibility and commitment to comprehensive education and quality, provide new forms of be, think, feel and Act, communicate, produce and socialize the knowledge. However, I also analyzed that the evaluation of the teaching and the learning becomes essential in the process of administration of education and promotion of changes, because one of the functions of evaluation is to seek alternatives that will allow correct rumos to the transformation of reality, it’s promoting change is in the process of measurement between the existing reality and the reality that we want there. Therefore, this research on my thesis project initiative refers to the importance of understanding some of the practices and outcomes in Brazil underlie the need for changes in the evaluative paradigms in teaching and learning, in relation to the context of the changes in school all day. This context requires the reflection of evaluative practices, of do it pedagogical, translating into new educational positions, new positions of management, to reject the design of reproductive education, think of it as an element of emancipation and the construction of citizenship of the subject. I, therefore, understand, and I analyze even in my thesis project that education needs urgently to be (re) space flexible, while a paradigmatic crisis we currently have in the processes of teaching and learning, due to the distance between what the educator taking into account and what really makes in their daily practice. .