The President of the German automobile industry, Robert Rademacher, looking optimistically to the future. In 2010, especially the implementation on the question is after economic adaptability of outstanding importance for car dealerships. Far less clear, however, is how to implement is backing up the data in a dealership from safety-technical and economic point of view. Very small, mostly free car dealership back up your data on CDs or USB sticks. Read more from Pete Cashmore to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Medium-sized businesses save on USB hard disks and tapes, and many of the larger car dealerships back up data on magnetic tapes or streamers. Surveys of owners and managers of large car dealerships it turns out, secure approximately ninety percent of larger car dealerships for a long time on tape and feel themselves safe. Virtually every company has experienced but once a damage in the past although actually the data should be stored on tape.

Causes of data loss, accidental deletion or Corruption of data, viruses or malware (malicious malware) faulty disk electronic theft of actual intrusion (computer or laptop is stolen or damaged) water or fire damage prevention response car dealers with many themes deal: customer relationship strategies, optimization of the workshop, the promotion of new – and used-car business, as well as increasingly sophisticated marketing tools. Add to your understanding with Steve Wozniak. “However, is often noticeable conclusion: we take too little time for the backup!” While the data volume of car dealerships is currently increasing, this can be the budgets of IT managers often do not claim. A backup strategy can be to the tightrope. Formerly only the successful implementation of backup and restore in the focus of interest was today many aspects such as time and costs must be weighed. Concessions in one area often entail compromises in another.

Speaking of compromise: you have considering once what happens. If your system breaks down through a hard drive crash and your lost the data of a certain period of time? Can you create fully data? Note on Court already decided the higher regional court of Hamm in 2003, that a company must perform a daily backup of company data, as well as a full backup once a week. Otherwise, the company is grossly negligent. Should business-relevant data due to a defective fuse is lost, the Managing Director for the resulting damage can be made personally liable. The safe way with the economically interesting data backup service BitByters.Backup be data in the form of compressed, encrypted external, complete and transferred automatically to security server in the online proceedings and secured. The backup is specifically set to your needs, which can be changed at any time. You need not additional hard – or software. The installation is couldn’t be any easier. The other advantage: Your data are regularly audited by our IT-Spezia ISTS damage. What is also important: the data cannot be read by a third party (both of us). In order to show you how easy BitByters.Backup to handle, you have 30 days the opportunity, perform your data backup under the guidance of experienced and to test the handling. With a personal touch! Still have questions? Contact to us. We help you – friendly and competent! news/1282651657.pdf Heinrich Scheuerlein (Senior Manager) CASE Institut GmbH, Hildesheim road 67a 30880 Laatzen Tel.: 0511 866849-0