New technologies should make low-cost healthcare New York/Berlin – rather than the doctor personally in practice to visit, could in the future simply by webcam examined many patients have. Interactive telemedicine is the keyword that could significantly change the medical sector in the coming years. The doctor visits via webcam are already no longer uncommon, particularly in patients who can come only with great effort in practice for a variety of reasons. However, in many other cases, tele-medical treatment could improve the future efficiency of the health system, the New York Times reported. The two factors that make more popular tele-medicine are necessary reforms of health care on the one hand and on the other side of technological progress.

In economic terms, the new business division already plays a role. The industry of the interactive telemedicine is growing in North America annually by about 10 percent and converts already 500 million dollars this year, so the forecast by the market research firm Datamonitor. The entire tele-medical area that includes devices for the monitoring and remote diagnostics, to implement already $3.9 billion. See also the press text message. Other technologies aimed at improving the health care system. Want liberate themselves from gigantic mountains of paper, incurred in everyday medical hospitals. X-ray images are no longer as a sheet but displayed on the computer screen, for the selection of their lunch time no cross patients make more on the traditional ballot, instead wishes directly in a small computer stored patient records are digitized and the classical archives shrink to the size of a computer chip.

It is technically possible that the doctor takes a notebook to visitation at the bedside”, says Andreas Koppen Hagen, Deputy Managing Director and supervisor of the St. Josef hospital, Bochum, opposite the WAZ. In the hospital compound of Augusta-sick-Anstalt, this vision is already a reality become.