Choice of the domain at the present time immersed within the year 2010, choose a suitable domain is not an easy task. The majority of good domains are occupied. In any case, we must combine the domain so it is easier for users to remember and contains key words, from the point of view of search engines.For example, suppose the fictitious company cars Pedro dedicated to the rental of vehicles. A good domain would be the inclusion within the domain of the specific key words, something like a u t o s a l q u i l r. c or m. In the same way you can customize the domino including the initials of the company: However we have other alternatives, more expensive economically but us save part of the road ahead.

Buy a domain if it is active is the best option and to the extent possible, how much more antiquity to have much better (is valued very positively by search engines). If it has a good number of backlinks as we will be ahorrandonos part of our work as SEO, in the realization of a link towards our website building campaign. Free domains another option is to choose domains that are free and for a price low, we can find domains affordable for the beginning of our project. Choosing a good domain, we will have lot of cattle in order to search engines and users. It is a choice that must be thought of it and study it thoroughly, avoiding as much as possible the choice of rare and strange domains.