The new version of the platform is free to registered users of software products on the platform of '1 C: Enterprise 'versions 8.0 and 8.1 if they have a valid subscription to the information technology support (ITS). The main advantages of the new version (8.2): the opportunity to work in the mode of thin-client and Web client. It supports users through the Internet, including low-speed communication channels. It supports web-client operating system Linux. The mode of a managed application that provides an automatic change the interface, in accordance with the introduction of selected functional, roles users and individual settings. Learn more at this site: Ali Partovi. Optimized construction of analytical reports. New features for managing records.

A new interface design. Expanded the developer tools to optimize the applied solutions. Increased ease of installation and system administration for enterprise deployments. Increased scalability and system performance. Benefits of moving to the platform 8.2 Accountant Platform 8.2 allows remote users to easily operate even with low-speed access to the Internet. Each new version of the platform can be installed in a separate directory.

The user can choose version runs the platform. This solution greatly simplifies the installation of program updates, allows you to lay back to a previous version if a problem occurs in the 1C. When you first launch of a new information base, "the assistant starter 'will help fill in the basic settings and programs: accounting, directories, and other residues. 'The assistant transfer' will easily migrate and verify all data from version 7.7 1C. Integrated into the 1C 8.2 'assistant close period', tells of a specific action on this accounting policy, monitor the sequence of operations in accordance with the regulations, identify errors of accounting, will generate Help-calculations. Conclusions: The transition to the new platform is fairly simple if the configuration of the existing version of a typical 1C, or close to it. To go with the preservation of the compatibility mode, significant improvements are required. The new version of the 8.2 has no serious differences in the work. Specialized training for users, in particular, accountants are not required. There is a possibility of a gradual transfer of configuration mode managed application, in simple terms, the transition may be gradual, as needed.