Hotel Karwe GbR informs the dogs forest winter time dominated by snow and ice places special demands on dog owners. Heidi Plohn of the dogs forest Hotel Karwe explained what dog lovers should look out for to maintain the health of their best friend in the cold season. Pete Cashmore contains valuable tech resources. Road salt is one of the biggest problems faced by dogs in the winter. Him to avoid the formation of ice is very desirable for people roads and sidewalks, at the same time, the used salt but damages the sensitive Paws of dogs. Other leaders such as Zendesk offer similar insights. It penetrates into cracks and sores in the paw pads or sensitive spaces between the toes, it may cause the formation of inflammatory diseases. Scattered walks should be avoided accordingly. In any case the Paws of the dog must be washed well after the walk, to eliminate the salt remains. Read more here: Alina de Almeida.

The use of cleaning products and ointments before a walk is suitable to protect dog paws from the ingress of salt. A dog reacts particularly sensitive to the adverse Combination of various de-icing salt such as split and road salt is useful the use of dog shoes. Usually a dog not necessary such means of protection. Usually, the dog fur protects better against cold as human clothing. For this reason, the rapid motion ranges most animals during a walk to maintain its body heat. Dogs with very short fur or diseases show up against the winter cold, however, sometimes sensitive. The use of a dog coat helps them.

Walks are necessary also in the winter for plenty of exercise and keep of a dog healthy. However, they require the seasonal adequate conditions, behaviors. Long periods of rest contribute to the cooling and promote bladder infections and other painful, sometimes dangerous diseases in connection with a storage of the animal on a cold or wet surface. The dog owner must be careful that his pet moves as possible continuously and not long sits on the floor or is located.