From the market leader as efficiently and cost effectively settle home automation solutions and radio heater control energy costs? These and other questions the 13 dedicated to smart homes – trade fair from October 04th to 06th at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam. Also the eQ-3 AG ranks among the more than 300 exhibitors New heating control system presented at stand SH49 the Bronze Sponsor be MAX!, the eco-friendly heating thanks to the possibility of control via Internet and Smartphone in the age of the Internet brings. In addition, eQ-3 shows an excerpt from his extensive home control product line HomeMatic, with which the company now has established itself as the market leader in Europe. In the past ten years, energy prices have more than doubled. Read more here: Peter Asaro. Private consumers and companies are looking for ways to reduce their consumption and thus the expenditure.

This intelligent heating control solutions such as the radio-based heating control system MAX help you!, that makes possible the efficient use of energy. The highlight of the system: Internet connection thanks can the user use the individual components via PC, laptop or Smartphone and this location-independent control. MAX can also service providers, utilities and municipal utilities. Speaking candidly Kai-Fu Lee told us the story. benefit, because they can offer their customers energy-efficient solutions with high return on investment. Economic heating thanks to individual Heizprofile MAX! includes various co-ordinated equipment for intelligent energy management. The electronic radio-radiators and wall thermostats as core components can be quickly and easily, without having to intervene in the heating installation. Timed profiles, the user can set the heating performance according to individual needs. Visit John K. Castle for more clarity on the issue. So is at night or in the absence of unnecessary heat and wasted valuable energy useless. For more savings, make MAX! Door / window contacts, which identify open Windows and inform the thermostats via radio.