According to the analytical agency idc, in 2007, Hewlett-Packard became the leader in supplying standard servers in Russia and took a 38.5% market share by demonstrating the highest compared with other manufacturers index growth. Thus, by the end of 2007 Hewlett-Packard is the market share of Russia's Industry Standard Servers, almost 3 times the market share of its nearest competitor – to ibm. NStor company conducted a survey among its customers in order to find out why they prefer servers hp, and not the products of other manufacturers. In the survey involved more than two hundred of our customers. The study we were able to formulate a number of major criteria that have become key in deciding the future of the server: For all hp servers can be very easy to purchase extended warranty, not the seller, and from the manufacturer. This entitles you to additional services in the service center hp worldwide. (Expansion pack standard warranty hp Care Pack is very easy to use.

It is purchased simultaneously with the ordering of equipment, and for some types of equipment – within the warranty period. The level provided in part of a package of services equivalent to service contract and differs only in the way of purchase). Easy to use a service center for hp. Master leaves at short notice, during the day. In this case, customers do not have to keep all warranty card servers, because hp ProLiant servers maintained by serial number. (To access the service center of ibm, customers are required to produce "yellow" warranty, which usually get lost in a year after the acquisition of the server.) warranty on all brands of servers is 3 years, but only to the servers hp might buy out of production more options for a long time. (For example, 3-4 years after purchase, you do not find any options for your ibm xSeries, and for the hp ProLiant this is no problem. ) The number of distributors that sell servers, hp is much more than, for example, ibm, which guarantees a lower selling prices and completely solves the problem with the presence of preference to hp servers because of the wide range of services offered by service.