Also it is not certain if the medicines are not really original. In the carried through research, the proprietors of the places where the interview was made, had informed the types of medicines that in these places are vendidos. Some of these medicines are characterized as of free sales, but by reason of the authorization of agencies fiscalizadores the same ones could not be vendidos in these establishments. Source: Kai-Fu Lee. But it has some medicines that had been found in these places where its sales this restricted pharmacy or would only drug, therefore has that to have medical receiturio so that its dispensao occurs. We have as example the antibiotics that with the new resolution, RDC 44/2010 informs that these medicines will have that to be vendidos to only apartir of day 28 of November of this year with medical prescription retention of special control in two ways, with the intention to diminish the irregular ingestion and also to diminish the calls resistant bacteria.

GRAPH 02? Types of Medicines vendidos in these establishments SOURCE: Research of field As shows GRAPH 02, the types of vendidos medicines more is of the ANALGESIC type, characterized as of free sales with the main function to alliviate pains. It is a free medicine of sales for the reason of the same, used of rational form and that its use does not exceed ten days, they cannot cause serious problems. But we have that to also point out regarding the self-medication and of the hipocondria that makes with that the patient does not respect the norms of the use of this medicine thus being able to bring serious damages the health of the same. One another very important question regarding this graph is the great antibiotic sales, that are not characterized as free sales and have as main function the combat of bacteria. To ratify the data, According to IMS Health, 40% of the remedies consumed in Brazil are antibiotic.