Improving conversions or even more, sales in our endeavors is the result we get after working on specific points in our own websites or blogs; some factors to work are for example:-use cause a specific action through a window PopUps, this can be used to enter his visitor to the site offering you either a bonus, an offer to subscribe to your newsletter, a certain last minute offer, new promotions and can even use it to promote a new site recently created. You can also use an exit PopUp appearing when they leave your website, also for the majority of the options previously named. -An option increasingly used even in the both landing pages and corporate websites is the use of testimony, which provide a key ingredient for our business, credibility in us, our service or our product. The main thing here is to use real testimonials from ordinary people who talk about the benefits or advantages which contributed products purchased on our sites or our recommendation in the case that promote affiliate products. For these cases, it is advisable to continue a relationship far more amicably as possible with your customer and noting that you grateful which brings your comment to transcribe it into place. -A factor that we can not ignore is the graph of our products or services, more even if we offer ebooks, software and services of creation of web pages, etc. People react differently to the Visual stimuli of a certain product, mentally become an idea of what offers them and this surely this will help it to you achieve more sales or conversions. -Offer your customers options so that they can access their products or services, be sure to accept credit cards on your website Since the majority of online transactions are made through credit cards, but neither neglect the people who need their products and do not have credit cards, which use also checks, cards of debit, bank transfers, transactions with private companies such as Western Union, etc.