Some Western experts to decode it as a joke Fully Fraudster dlc, ie, Fully scam Letters of Credit. – sblc, Stand-by lc, sbdlc – standby letter of credit. What kind of credit? This is fulfilled by the Bank pay a specified amount to the Beneficiary fail to fulfill the guaranteed payment obligation, if the Beneficiary will submit together with all documents relevant letter of credit, a statement that Applicant for the credit has not fulfilled its obligations and fulfill the requirement of credit. Ie If suddenly you have not paid, then for you it will make the bank into which you have translated this letter of credit. In essence, this is some form of guarantee. And do not worry, fraudsters use this guarantee sensibly for themselves.

– Non-operative dlc – a form of credit most often used by fraudsters, warns about the icc and other organizations, associations of honest businessmen. If a letter of credit in general exist in nature. – Irrevocable, Divisible, Assignable and Transferable Letter of Credit (Irrevocable, Divisible, yield and transferable letter of credit) in Article 48 of the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits issued by the International Chamber of Commerce, Publication number 500, says: "Dates: divisible (divisible), fractional (fractionable), ceded (assignable) and translated (transmissible)" – do not transferable letter of credit (transferable). The use of such terms should not be taken into account. " Though the combination of such words and does not mean that the document is a forgery, it is a direct indication of the fact that he is unlikely to come from an experienced banker or a law-abiding bank.