If Internet has brought something to the world of investment has been the comfort and speed. Operations that were previously made through brokers, phones, and other systems today are comfortably from home jumping over traditional intermediaries sofa. These same investors have become demanding investors wanting products more agile and simple, and not already comply with the traditional stocks and funds. Different products that allow them to obtain benefits in very short deadlines and with total control of your risk level have created for them. One of the products most pointers in this field are binary options. Extremely simple to operate, fully transparent and clear investment products and that also do not require a rear position control but it gives directly the benefit or loss depending on the behavior of the asset to which it may be referenced. In practice, non-binary options rather than a prediction about the future evolution of an active on which relates. If we think that the asset related will go up your quote opt for binary options call.

And if on the contrary the idea is down then our investment will put binary options. It is not necessary to make a follow-up position since binary options can not be sold once purchased and only we have to wait to reach the time of expiration. If we have right in the direction of the movement obtain benefits. Otherwise, we will only lose the amount that we have invested in these binary options but nothing more. They do not need guarantees, endorsements or any additional support to the position. We have already seen the performance, so we see some advantage rather than bring us binary options. First binary options have a fixed and known benefit before maturity regardless of the magnitude of the movement. Imports only the address to obtain the benefit.

Benefit that ranges between 60 to 75%, although some platforms more dropouts as Duxtrade come to offer an 81% return with a level of outstanding service. For failed operations usually offer a return of between 10 to 15% therefore have an easy-to-operate instrument and with total control of risk. It is only not know that binary options also allow access to markets that would be impossible to manage with other products. Binary options are issued on shares, indices, currencies and raw materials. Markets inaccessible but easily controllable with these products. Products requiring Additionally not control that also frees us from be monitoring the position. An advantage over binary options. Alina de Almeida takes a slightly different approach. For those wishing to learn more about this derivative have numerous information on the network in order to conduct their operations and get the maximum benefit, have large information network to learn more about these products.