Active interest pokatushki arose long ago and has a very significant event in history. But what is different, because our desire for constant development of remote areas emerged almost unexplored along with people and people very long ago began to dream up different possibilities for the investigation of unexplored territories. While earlier the best friend of people are all-terrain cart, then for the time being the best vehicle to move off-road quad bike is. ATV in its formal sense, is not quite typical of the type of micro standard SUV, as is commonly believed, but rather a complete and individual means of transportation, the main advantage of which is considered high speed, small dimensions and weight, allowing ATVs to ride, where a large SUV just would not be passed. Besides differences in the amount of motor ATVs can be easily divided into two major groups – sports and utility. Sport type models that receive less weight, a five-speed manual transmission is often equipped and available for 1 rider. Utility models are equipped with an automatic transmission type, and weigh much heavier, so that the capacity of this ATV is increased by several times and it can carry not only the driver seat and passenger, but roomy bagazhnichek.

Assessing the quad (ATV) in the work, usually either want to be in the shoes of a driver, stay the owner of this type of technology, ahead of time deciding what kind of kvardrotsikl choose. And after the acquisition, dash near the cottage and the power of defining the activity and the enormous potential of this type of technology, anyone with a wish a lot more – more activity, more extreme and adventure. Once the owner ATV will understand that self-interest defeated plant and water barriers are not so fun as this all goes without passion – the main component of many pokatushek in a cohesive group.