The Virtual PBX expanded depending on requirements easily to new telephone work center. A limit on the number of machines, lines and numbers does not exist. Virtually first VoIP alternative to software or IP-PBX solutions technology company Crown developed CNT call manager together with CNT from scratch. CNT call manager is a virtual VoIP system. As a result, a new technical alternative which has important advantages over standard VoIP solutions and hybrid IP PBX offers. CNT call manager is based not on common phone system software, on which many pure VoIP systems with known problems build. For example, sending and receiving faxes over the Internet line with the CNT is so easily call manager.

Many VoIP providers must here, however, an additional ISDN line access, since they have their software not smooth fax service can guarantee. In addition call manager is designed during the development of CNT already the basic software architecture to operate as a Virtual PBX. No more hardware need CNT call manager to another except the SIP phone or PC with softphone. This is different with IP PBXs. These so-called hybrid solutions, conventional PBX systems only to the IP phone features are enhanced for Internet telephony. The setting up and operation of such IP PBX via appropriate technical equipment at the customer’s site remains here still necessary. CNT call manager will change the market substantially”CNT call is already in selected companies and call centres in practice Manager and meeting the challenges of daily life smoothly. CNT Board member Christian Renze explained his assessment: the public launch of CNT call manager is the first significant innovation in the market for virtual telephone systems for years. CNT offers this complete solution as the world’s first and only provider on.” Aron Wieck, technical director of Crown, manifests itself as confident: nine years experience in the area of VoIP, the VoIP pioneer and business provider CNT the ideal partner for the development of the Virtual PBX was.