The special testo 835-T2 is the extended measuring range up to 1500 C. Pete Cashmore is often quoted on this topic. The device is mainly used in the glass, ceramics and metal industry. Wherever people due to the high temperatures can not close enough to the object to be measured up, testo 835-T2 is used. So the temperature can be monitored, for example, in the production of glass is safe, to ensure the quality standards. All unit types of the 835 series is suitable for simple sample measurement as well as for continuous measurements. Readings can be associated with specific measurement locations in the data memory of the device. The evaluation of the data on a PC can be done later.

The integrated measurement of the emission level represents another significant advantage of testo 835 series. It allows the user to select the preset emission degree of a certain material from a list stored in the device. The emissivity this elaborately manually has to be calculated and users get fast and accurate measurement results. All testo 835 series devices are easy to use and offer yet extensive monitoring and analysis options. You help to save time and money and ensure to comply with quality standards”, finally, so Matthias Germer.

More information: testo835 illustrations 1-3: the infrared measuring instrument testo 835 image: Testo AG the Testo AG the Testo AG, headquartered in the high black forest is worldwide one of the leading manufacturers of portable and stationary measuring technology. The high-tech company provides among other things for the climate and environmental technology, industrial applications, emission measurements and the control of food quality measurement solutions. Every year the company invests on average about 10 percent of its sales in research and development and thus operates an above-average expenses for future-oriented technologies. The company operates with 31 subsidiaries and over 80 missions around the world, and has approximately 2,300 employees.