With social networks together helping songs (www.helping-songs.de) move a lot has set itself the goal to raise funds for important projects with targeted social media music projects. Important for everyone: the people involved in the project ranging from the musicians themselves here engaging NetWorker and companies up to the initiators of helping songs homepage “pull together together”, to support children in special need. Helping songs artists and recording studios recording songs without their own financial fees, worry free graphic design to the design of the projects, and together the songs on social networks, marketed in the big social media community – all for a good cause. The principle of helping songs is very easy: download songs on your own cell phone / PC in the own social networks about helping songs report on helping writing, how many people can be reached via Facebook, Twitter and XING thanked helping songs for it with the “Publication of the activities on the home page the first project by helping song is the song TEO TORRIATTE” Paderborner band the gap “(www.myspace.com/ thegap). “Background: the scale of the tsunami disaster in Japan has the Paderborner band of the CAP” moves to record a charity song for the benefit of needy people.

The track is now available on the major download sites like iTunes and Amazon, the proceeds will go to 100% of the children’s charity save the children”donated. In the middle to the recordings of the song into the light”, the band reached the news of the severe earthquake/tsunami in Japan. The scale of the disaster moved the musician so intensively that they spontaneously decided to record a charity song. “” “David Janus:” the intro of into the light “as a tribute to Bohemian Rhapsody, we had” created. For this reason we were thematically eh landed at Queen and think had on their song Teo Torriatte “which the band released in 1976 with a Japanese chorus.

Therefore fell “” “” for us very quickly the decision, this song in favor of tsunami victims to record and proceeds to donate. “Teo Torriatte” was by the British band Queen “in 1976 on the album A day at the races” published. Written sung the song by guitarist Brian May, of Queen Frontman Freddie Mercury. The song was released as a single due to his Japanese text passages in Japan. He is only one of four Queen songs which sing the entire chorus in a language other than English. The song featured in the original piano and harmonium, played by Brian May. The gap have focused heavily on the original arrangement and worked in the template in the final choruses with a choir, which emphasizes the Community aspect against the background of the charity. The funds, which are ingested by the sale of the song should provide the Organization save the children”, children locally in Japan to the disaster in emergency ethmoid is responsible. 28 member organizations are the International Save the Children Alliance, whose Secretariat in London sits and which coordinates the work of national organisations. In 120 countries, save conducts the children projects that benefit children, families, and their communities. The focus of work are in the fields of school and education, protection against exploitation and violence, as well as health and survival. In addition, the organization helps children and their families in disaster situations.