Clan Wars and hd video with 720p and 1080p. Also, we used several model office applications such as word processor Microsoft Word. Image Monitor showed excellent image. Nokia Monitor Test program revealed high levels of brightness and contrast. In the menu brightness & contrast clearly shows all the gradient strip clearly visible boundary between the brightness gradients ranging from 10% to 90% brightness. In a text editor, affects a very high native resolution of the matrix, we saw a clear picture of the font Times New Roman, even by 4 pins. In the game monitor the tests also showed their best. Matrix with fast response, almost complete lack of loops in the image gives us the right to call this monitor is still playing.

Low response time allowed him to easily develop a dynamic game scenes. M2400HD well-proven and watching the video. You can play with the modes and to achieve an image that can satisfy even film fans with a high level of needs. At FullHD rollers Monitor provides a clear, cinematic picture. Lack of clarity of content successfully offset a proprietary system to improve the image Senseye.

Switching to 720p in any way to diminish the positive viewing experience. In general, an image monitor us very much. Not every tv set be able to please so clear and vibrant picture. The sound is not quite accustomed to writing about the sound, when it comes to monitor, but the fact remains – BenQ M2400HD features quite a decent stereo sound system eliminates the computer acoustics and release, thus not enough space on your desktop. Particularly pleasing that the sound can be serve as an analog cable, and in digital form via hdmi cable. Just a very convenient opportunity to connect to a monitor headphones – one movement of cinema can be converted from mass to personalized. Capacity and quality Playing more than satisfactory. Outcome BenQ M2400HD in today's review deserved special praise, because it resolved a complex task, which by default are not included in the scope of conventional monitors. Excellent switching, integrated audio, web camera format hd, USB-hub – all of which are unique bonuses that gets the buyer of your monitor. Do not forget as well, and exceptionally stylish design of the device and the highest image quality. Thanks to this monitor, it is possible to completely abandon the purchase of the tv and build a single universal multimedia system.