To understand better we will go to distribute the nossasreflexes in the following way on the questions that permeiam the challenges dapesquisa scientific in the Amaznia will go to approach at the first moment, we will make umbreve historical of the occupation of the Amaznia and the national subordination of the politics publicasao the capital International and elites; at as the moment, veremosimportncia of science and the technology as strategical tool dedesenvolvimento scientific production; at the third moment, we will see the dficiteducacional as it impedes to the sustainable development; in the room we will momentoveremos the study on the contribution of the Kayaps peoples for the formation dosCerrados in the Gotire village in the south of Par; in the fifth and not little the final importantemomento, consideraes. soon historical of the occupation of the daspolticas Amaznia and the subordination Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and GuianFrancesa, of which Brazil withholds 63.4% of the total area, what it corresponds a4.121.000 km2, as tells the representative of the area of cinciasBiologicas I-Capes-MEC.

Much even so this immense region was extremely attractive, given its privileged geographic position, it represented at the same time, certain degree of inacessibilidade, however, its process of occupation is muitorecente and occurs with a frightful speed with the contribution of the burguesianacional and the international capital. This dynamics of> Amazonian space if gave deformed differential of the too much regions that compose the nacionalbrasileiro territory, what it was of if waiting, for the peculiar conditions that it are historical decomposition, of territorial dimension to only cite two. The dAmaznia insertion in the context of the international capital as we will see the impressions to deBecker to follow ‘ ‘ The primeirodevassamento was of the tropical forest of the fertile valley, throughout the rivers, in searched ‘ ‘ drugs of serto’ ‘ , used as condiments and in the European pharmacy..