Of course, clean your device from dirt and dust can be completely himself, but the array of services for printer device also involves a number of more complex operations. Most of the parts inside your printer need regular lubrication. And this process does not suffer amateurs. So if you're not among the brave men or professionals, it is best to include your favorite printer to a service center, where he was sure nothing bad will happen. Visit the service center to Printer maintenance should be a once a year. Most often do so not worth it, because the device itself is not necessary.

Less often is also not worth it, because you might miss a serious problem, after which the printer it will be difficult to revive. After paying for the work of a specialist about $ 10, you can not worry about the stability of the printer. Particularly relevant is visiting the service centers for owners of expensive printers as well as through the failure of such a device would be much harder than the loss of $ 10. But owners of old low-cost inkjet printers can afford to practice to get acquainted with the procedure lubricant printer. If all goes smoothly, we will acquire another skill. If this will damage the device will be an occasion to buy a new model. How do I know that it was time to prevent the printer first, it is worth remembering that prevention is the printer needs a once a year even if the device is admirably with the tasks assigned to it and shows no signs of illness.