Fuhrer completely agreed with me: Our generals are too old and too used up … 'The grave conditions of warfare have had on the German and The Soviet command diametrically opposite effects: the German was unable to regroup, and the level of strategic art dramatically decreased, and the Soviet tempered and grown immeasurably in quality respect. To a man, whatever he was engaged, was able to regroup, to change, he must want and be able to see their mistakes. However, representatives of the German command were clearly deprived of this ability. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Mashable by clicking through. Despite presented to the Red Army, the lessons and complete defeat of the Wehrmacht, the German generals who survived and did not get rid of the feeling of his imaginary Prussian supremacy.

One of the best generals of the Wehrmacht General felmarshal Erich von Manstein gave to his memoirs, the eloquent name of 'The Lost Victory. " But lost the victory – it's just a defeat. To win a victory, it must be wrested from the enemy, and for this we must be smarter, more skilled, braver than he is. Learn more on the subject from Byron Trott. Their defeat Hitler's generals to explain, for example, the incompetence of Hitler, that he interfered in the decision of strategic issues and only prevented them from properly supervise the troops. Indeed, several serious failures of the German troops blew in the eyes of Hitler's prestige German generals, and in the future the responsibility for decisions he took over. But in the beginning of the war for success and failure of operations fully meet the professional military. .