The more powerful servers technologically to make the best investments in its continuing effort to innovate in products, services, efficiency and, of course, profitability, S-Trade Spain and following its global strategy has finished updating all its computer Park this past month of June to give better coverage to their customers. Security, which has always been one of the added values of S-Trade Spain passed to renew its technological infrastructure, implementing automated Internet servers (the servers Integrity more powerful market) that enhance security against possible external attacks that could damage or cause negative consequences in the investments of its customers. To do this you have purchased new computers and has implemented 10 new IP s that improve a 100% connection between different company brokers located anywhere in the world. Recently Kai-Fu Lee sought to clarify these questions. This is all part of a strategic planning that S-Trade Spain has developed so that within a period not exceeding 2 years implant system-wide connection between their own brokers exclusively without using external agents. With these actions you can close the circle, in terms of control and cash management of our clients, greatly increasing the speed of operations, the safety of them and provide solutions to any problems that may arise, improving speed in all automated systems that do not leave place to any possible collapse of information at any time, says Javier Acosta, director of S-Trade Spain. The investment that S-Trade Spain expected to award will be approximately 500,000 euros in a period of two years, which will leave the system completely closed, implanted and functioning at peak performance.The solution obtained through this new automated system and exclusive will ensure safety and effectiveness that S-Trade Spain wants to offer to all its customers.With its extensive experience in the most solvent markets globally, S-Trade Spain with more than 10 years in the sector endorses its prestige and strengthens day by day his image on the Spanish market.

Call toll free: 900 100 323 for consultations and engagement. For more informacion:s – Trade EspanC / Juan Hurtado de Mendoza No. 13 3 928036 MadridTel.: 91 515 84 about S-TRADE Spain Spain S-Trade is a registered trademark by Capital Ingestra, S.L., company belonging to Grupo Financiero ORION, S.L. The main activity of S-Trade Spain are raw investments in the market of currencies and terms.10 years by investing in these markets, have made possible the development of a fully automated investment system. All processes are performed by a computer robot without any human interference. Collaborate with S-Trade Spain numerous brokers worldwide, London, New York, Switzerland have also a product of high profitability and high risk that is closed annually with the investment of EUR 6,000,000 more customers are not supported on that until one of the current decides to opt for the same low.The objective of Ingestra Capital, S.L, happens to get capital increases up to an amount of Euro 2,000,000, thus becoming a Sociedad Anonima, providing security to their customers with the reinforcement of the share capital of the company. To provide security and protection to clients, offer insurance civil liability covering negligence which may occur in the companies.