Been born in the end of century 19, 1884, the date, Its Aguinel was not known Blacksmith, when young Maria in the Rio Grande liveed in Saint. It liked to work, but it liked to play unhappyly also. It happens that in one of these nights of games, in a table of a family, between friends, the spirits if exaltaram for a game profit. The such friend, of the family where the game happened, if did not conform for having lost, and he did not have exactly as to pay the appositive one. It started a quarrel and, at last, one fight. all know still more that at that time nobody walked unarmed, in the Rio Grande. happened what generally it happens in a place as this, between exaltados and armed men: it finished thus making right the friend with the weapon that had, of the nothing.

He raised and he gave to a shot in the colleague in the front of all the family. Fatal shot at that time, well in the way of the belly. It had that to run away from the place, and as my mother counts, never if pardoned of the happened one, always did not forget and if it repented to have made right its friend that finished on account dying it shot, of the enormous burrice that took a friendly game in one tragedy for two families. But, at the moment of the anger the person is blind, and with weapon in fist she does not have to leave another thing. It never more swore to play But, as nor all fulfill what they promise, it continued to play, leaving my alone grandmother taking care of of the children, but it is another history there. There on account of the occurrence, it walked if hiding for next to a river, in the abrupt declivities until, with boat the search, however still next to the family.