Therefore, the more if it becomes a relation being more creates individual and social necessities. For better if inserting and extending the possibilities in this relationary universe the human groups had developed the different processes of communication, storage and transmission of information, arriving at the point of, in the current days, to create the virtual universe as one of the foundations and prolongations of the human universe. In this universe ' ' tecnovirtual' ' the modern technologies of production, communication and information finish if overlapping the man. The human being and the society human being, come if becoming, gradually, dependent of the infovirtual and tecnovirtual universe. In years 1980, Raul Seixas launched a music (the adventures of Raul Seixas in the city of Thor) in which synthecized and explicitava this virtual universe (at that time still in formation) at the same time of dependence and fragility to the side of the suffered and exerted interferences.

' ' The civilization if became so complicated/That it was so fragile as a computer/That if a child to discover/ The heel of Aquiles/With only palito one for motor' '. This reality is a constant, not only in gandes centers that time for another one loses in some ' ' blakout' ' , but also in the small villages and cities that depend on digital signals, telephonic, televising; in the electronic boxes and the emissso of electronic forma bills of sale. Which of us not yet passed for the unhappy situation to arrive in an electronic box where the catastrophic message of &#039 is read; ' it are of servio' '? consequence of ' ' crianas' ' with its ' ' palitos' ' , stopping the engines of ' ' monster sist' ' , as it says music. The processes of communication and interaction come if developing with the human being since its origins, however with the arrival of the virtual age exaggerate a new perspective not only in the relations between the peoples and cultures, as well as of the relation of the man with the technologies.