Secure the know-how, in your company through a comprehensive competency management In the wake of ever-increasing pressure of competition for companies in Germany, it is vehemently opposed to reduce costs, as well as to secure competitive edge over international competitors. A competitive advantage is achieved by means of specific features of the products today. These unique features packed in features, design and usability of the employees of the company are based ultimately on the individual expertise. The know-how and the experience today represent the most important resources for ensuring a sustainable competitiveness. More and more companies in Germany are aware of strategically supporting role of comprehensive and integrated competence management. Here are first and foremost particularly those companies which already handle the failure or departure of key competence makers in the truest sense of the word\”had to! The examination of skills is already for a long time a part of management theory, the it company ultimately allows actively to influence your own stock of competence. By use of competence management able to identify strategic competency gaps within the company in a timely manner and to counteract the same then. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ali Partovi is the place to go.

But how the skills gaps in the companies identified as goal-oriented? This is basically the job profiles, which defines business-side and provided with the individual employee competencies and employee profiles to relate to each other. Both jobs and employee profiles composed again of various hard and soft skills. In the course of succession planning, the possibility now comprises the sum of deposited employees and job profiles to identify an adequate replacement for the current Jobholder. In addition should provide a consistently implemented competency management transparency with regard to the (further) development of the existing skills. So any deltas in the individual staff profiles are revealed, the it applies specifically to resolve with regard to succession planning. Undoubtedly, the implementation of the strategic objectives of the company is ensured by the continuous development and expansion of individual competencies.