When we took the decision to work on the positioning of our website we know that we are facing a long-term career. Until our statistics show some kind of improvement, we have to work hard. MasEmpero, with firmness and a strategy, everything will be easier. Here we offer you a kind of check list that will help guide their efforts, and prioritize the actions that will result in better. Correction in code. Any effort that is based on a faulty site in terms of its architecture or to present internal broken links, missing robots.txt, or site map, will be a real waste of time. If necessary, redesign the web site, before you tackle a task long and medium term as it is the position your website prominent places of the search engine results pages.

If possible, validate your web site. A validated site is a guarantee that all users will have before them the same page, regardless of the browser, version or operating system that use. Validate his is an outstanding starting point to initiate a plan of positioning. Work on the incoming links. Start a strategy of building networks of links. Here, we should mention that it is essential to take care of the quality of the sites with which we exchange links. I.e., care should the prestige of your site to Google. If exchanging links with sites of dubious reputation (like the pages of FFA Free for all links-, or pages that are obvious link farms) instead of exiting benefited you also could leave injured with a penalty.

Start a blog. This must be part of a population of relevant contents of its web strategy. You can start with descriptions of products and services, technical material, a questions and answers section and even a forum where your visitors ask questions and interact among themselves. The text is, for the purpose of positioning, more important than the images. Images can increase the unwanted form load time, so it is convenient to always work in reducing the size of graphic files. For example, a photo of product of 500 px. * 500 px. almost always it will be more than enough to illustrate what it is. Unless you want to emphasize some details in particular, upload larger images would be useless, not only by charging times but by the space that will occupy in your server. Give of high register web site directories. You must deal with a daily task of registration from the site to various search engines and portals, especially its niche directories, and the sites of local interest (e.g., tourist guides local, if applicable). Local directories, in addition to providing highly focused traffic (due to respond to visitors who are in your area of special interest) will help you greatly to geographically define your web site from the perspective of the search engines.Dedicating a little time of daily form to these actions, very soon you will see your page will be favored in its web positioning in Google is notable. Swarmed by offers, Ali Partovi is currently assessing future choices. If you liked this post and want to place it on your site, you can do so smoothly, provided you cite as a source to original author and source of the article