satisfy. Samsung has produced such monitors, and shortly before this writing, it has introduced two new items – SyncMaster P2270HD tv and SyncMaster P2370HD tv, – where the tv means that there is a tv tuner. Testing, we asked the model with a diagonal of 23 inches. Console The monitor is equipped with full-size remote control is typical of Samsung tv design. In the hand remote is convenient. The most important buttons are large enough to differ in form, are contrasting and readable notation and are touch. As a result, it is convenient to use the remote, only to commands from the remote monitor reacts with perceptible delay. KommutatsiyPomimo computer vga and DVI-D monitor is equipped with a set of home video inputs.

Sound is introduced through the 2- RCA-minijack connectors and sockets. hdmi input is also picking up sound, but in digital form, and under the guise of an alternative to the active hdmi analog audio can be fed through the miniature phone jack. scart interface works as a video-(RGB and composite) and audio input, and as well as video and audio – in his image is displayed and the sound of the current tv channel. External audio system can be connected to the digital optical output, headphones – mini-jack to jack, nestled among other connectors. The location of the headphone output is very inconvenient.

Connect the headphones off the built-in speakers. The usb connector is used for service purposes, for example to update the firmware. There is management support for hdmi (HDMI-CEC) in variant implementation of the firm Anynet +.