Currently there is no unity in the definition of “system>>. System – the set of elements in the relationship and communication with each other, which forms a certain integrity, unity. System – set elements that are in certain respects with each other and with the environment. System (operating objectified.) – The set of elements in the relationship and links between a certain way and form a holistic unity. Element – the simplest indivisible part of the system relative to the stated purpose, I studied this with-us. System – part of a we-that yavl-Xia less than with-ma, but more than e-t. Its features: the purpose of sub gb aimed at goal vsee with-us. Examples: acs subsystem, the subsystem of passenger transport of a large city. The structure is a set of elements and relations between them. Structure reflects the most significant relationship between elements and their groups (components, subsystems), which vary little with changes in the system and ensure the existence of the system and its basic properties. Structure can be represented graphically in the form set-theoretic descriptions in the form of matrices, graphs and other modeling languages structures. centralized structure (small c-m) a decentralized hierarchy: strong (trees), weak (with by-pass h / r Grade) Relationship – Describes the structure and process of the system.

Communication provides the appearance and preservation of the structure and integrity of Saint-in-with us. Types of connections: in the direction – towards (eg, connection management) – non-directional – occur at one level of government in power: strong; nature: communication management, communication subordination (reverse), genetic; ravnopravnyepo direction: forward; site application: internal, external Condition is a set of essential properties that the system possesses at a given time.