Daylight is well-being, motivation and health the body clock “of the people, the so-called Ciradianer rhythm, is strongly influenced by the prevailing light conditions. Mashable is actively involved in the matter. Light affects the concentration, cardiovascular, metabolism, blood pressure, and even the bone structure. Just in the dark winter months we remember on our internal clock”the impact of short days. How much the changing light conditions influence, is different for different people. Normal bulbs enough though, to brighten up a room, but can not completely replace the light of day. This relates to the colour spectrum of the energy-saving bulbs. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Page S. Gardner. Light blue sky at noon has all colours of the Rainbow, – in other words the entire colour spectrum is covered and the transitions between the individual colors are blurred.

With energy-saving lamps, on the other hand, there are jumps and peaks, especially in the yellow area of the gradient. Other areas of color, however, are not covered at all. Just the health of people so important UVA – and UVB-rays cannot replace bulbs with your light. These UVA – and UVB radiation strengthens our immune system, as well as cholesterol and vitamin D production. For this reason, manufacturers deal been prolonged with the development of so-called full spectrum daylight lamps and luminaires. These lamps and lighting give the entire colour spectrum of light reflected and can help to reduce fatigue and poor concentration. Just when in the autumn, the long periods of darkness lead to mood swings and fatigue, full spectrum daylight lamps or lights can help.

In addition to this effect, the bright, clear light and accurate colour reproduction of full-spectrum daylight lamps and lighting is particularly pleasant for our eyes. Fatigue of the eyes under full-spectrum daylight lamps and luminaires occur a long time read, write or draw only after a long period of time. To keep in mind is when using full spectrum daylight lamps and lights, that they described here to simulate the day”. That is why full spectrum daylight bulbs and lamps are not necessarily suitable for use in the bedroom. Persons who believe that they will strongly respond to different light conditions, should rather rely on low-radiation energy-saving lamps with warm white light.