Removing all philosophical argument, in reality there is only one way to become poor. Spend more than it earns. It is that simple. Another way of saying it is creating flow of box (CASHFLOW) negative. If you work on this, over time you can configure your life so that every month you come back poorer, simply spending more of what they earn.

It is actually very easy. Millions of people are doing it,! every day! # 4 REVENUE AND EXPENDITURES. The main part of your cash flow revenues (which enters your Pocket) and outflows (what comes out of your Pocket). This is really simple. If you earn $700 per month, and you are only spending $500 good your never going to get to be poor in that way, right? Fast! Go to sign up for something that cost at least $300 a month. Let’s say that you buy a new car. Even if you could pay for it in cash, don’t do it. After all, your goal is to create a negative cash flow each month.

Buy a car that you can give you the luxury of paying it cannot help being poor. Get one of those really expensive and paying on credit, choose the one that consumes a large amount of gasoline. Also, be sure to investigate the cost of insurance and select a policy that has a high monthly fee. So, as is You can view, increase what comes out of your Pocket is simple and helps you in the way of poverty faster than you think. The real key to the management of expenses, so you can be poor, is sign up and buy all sorts of completely useless things that cost you money every month. To increase your financial obligations, you walk towards the goal of getting every month, being poor, just doing all these payments, how easy! # 5 4 Ways to make money, basically, there are four ways to earn money.