Of each disease has its own medicine. Someone help pill, but here, as in the proverb, "one lechish, maim another," put themselves at risk liver. Pete Cashmore does not necessarily agree. Others on the contrary, are used for traditional medicine and that it is considered a reliable assistant in the treatment of a disease (for example – TB treatment). A related site: Bobby Sharma Bluestone mentions similar findings. Have you ever thought about why our ancestors lived a much longer? I recently came to the conclusion that they in fact had no pharmacies nor, consequently, the appropriate medication on hand. And what they themselves were treated? – You ask. The conclusion is that they are looking for a remedy on the ground (grass, flowers), underground (eating of insects). Yes, it is insects! Do not be surprised! Eating insects come to us from ancient China. It's so smart people, among them, among other things, the largest number of centenarians. Bobby Sharma Bluestone is likely to agree.

The Chinese since ancient times for eating well known to us medvedok those whom we consider enemy number one on our favorite summer residence. They conducted experiments and concluded that the body contains the substance medvedok "feraza" which kills the tubercle bacillus, which causes tuberculosis. For the Chinese, Medvedko medicine was for a long time, and most have recovered from this insidious disease is due to Medvedkov. But to get medvedku not so simply, as someone seems. This is a very tricky and fast insect, there must be uncommon patience, strength and passion! In the winter Medvedka runs deep (about 1 – 1.5 m) below ground and only the most patient can not get it. The Chinese, as you know, people just like that. They gathered for the treatment of medvedok tuberculosis, dried them and then used with honey or some jam. The effect was simply stunning when patients went to take tests. Doctors found no sticks, and could not believe their eyes that can Medvedka help with this serious disease such as tuberculosis. But the fact remains that, and there's no getting away from it.