Meetings with residents, leaders, and the mayors of the communes of Tortel, Bernardo Lopez, and Chile Chico, Luperciano Munoz, argued during the last days the Attorney of the Council of defence of Patagonia (CDP), Marcelo Castillo, who promotes various legal actions related projects of Endesa and Colbun (HidroAysen) and Xstrata (energy Austral) in Patagonian rivers dams, and transmission line of Transelec in the Aysen Region. During the trip he spoke with neighbors affected by the unauthorized jobs that perform these companies contractors, exploring in particular the problems of legal access to water, application and delivery of mining concessions in lots of small farmers. It was an important visit to the region where we saw that there is considerable interest and need for legal assistance, which we will provide. We pledged to defend to many families who are being affected by activities of HidroAysen and other companies explained Castillo, who on Monday moved to Caleta Tortel to meet with residents and visit the area of the Pascua River. One aspect that caught his attention was the situation of water resources, mainly under the control of Endesa, which has generated that they exist affected local communities that can not draw water throughout the basin of the Baker River, and therefore we will also work this issue pointed out. A similar situation is lives with the request and delivery of mining concessions in hundreds of farms in the region for shielding hydro investments.

He was also interested to neighbors and local communities run and all the concessions that are asking for purposes other than mining legislation. In this case to build transmission lines and towers of high electrical voltage noted. On Thursday arrived in Chile Chico where he met with the collective Antukulef, it disseminated information on rights owners through radio programs and interviews were conducted with the Mayor Luperciano Munoz, who reiterated his commitment to promote legal actions against these companies given that much of the basin of the Baker (General Carrera Lake, Lake Bertrand and birth of the Baker) is located in your commune, which is today being affected by massive rights of mining concessions and water delivered to the electrical and is threatened by the eventual step high-tension towers.