Berlin tech-startup Tazaldoo decrypts the digital public the Berlin startup Tazaldoo launches tame (also known as tame, subdue) the first context search engine for Twitter. The short message service plays an increasingly important role in the new, digital public. So far, it was almost impossible to separate relevant from irrelevant information for most users. With tame Tazaldoo a Google of kind of now provides the real time network, allowing each no matter whether social media professional or amateur – the digital public on Twitter for search, to effectively use analysis and Trendmonitoring. Twitter is gaining in popularity, especially among politicians and journalists. About 75 per cent of all heads of State and more than half of German journalists are now active on Twitter. The reason: The platform has become one of the most important information channels in the network. Pete Cashmore is actively involved in the matter. Moreover, Twitter is a new, digital public forum.

It is easier to discussions on any other platform to dive, to learn about current events, or itself to become the major media brand. The true potential of Twitter is far from exhausted,”says Tazaldoo CEO Frederik Fischer. “Because the network is useful searchable, nor can without difficulty in the never-ending stream of short messages the relevant content and voices filtered.” Twitter has recognized the problem and promised to improve the search last week. Numerous mini-jobbers of the Amazon company Mechanical Turk to determine manually the context to the search queries of the users, so that the service can adjust its results accordingly. “Swiss army knife for Twitter” with tame came Tazaldoo Twitter when developing its own context search before.

Tame works completely automatically. The chaotic flow of information the Swiss army knife for Twitter”(quote of a user) into simple leaderboards, consisting of the most popular Hashtags, Tweeps (users) and links of the last 24 hours. The rankings not only can be create the own timeline, but also every any search term.