According to polls, statistics and other movements, it was found that by far the most popular and in demand occupations are related to it (ah-ty) technology, in other words, a profession related to transfer of information and ways of its treatment. The most common is the ability to work professionally on a pc. Today, this market allows candidates to dictate their terms to employers because they are in short supply. As a result of all this in itself begs the question, "We have that very few people who know how to pound on the keyboard?". I spent an additional analysis, and realized that right to demand that they podnosili certain type of coffee to their desktop. Specialists really small. How long will this situation on the market? Approximately 10.7 years.

Why? While the education system shaken to fully take several years. At this time, would mostly appear nuggets. Now is the time to keep up! Occupy their highly specialized niche and ask your kind of coffee! "Until you have not made a final decision, you are torturing doubt, you'll always remember that there is a chance turn back, and it will not let you work efficiently. But in that moment when you make up your mind to devote himself to his cause, Providence is on your side. Starting to happen, things that might not happen under different circumstances To whatever you were able to, as whatever you dreamed of, start to implement it. Courage gives a person the strength and even magical power. Decide! "Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, bye!