A population of almost half million of inhabitants suffered the penalties from the rationing, while one reduced number of irrigantes used, without any control, the source, in the cited quantitative levels already, speeding up its process of exhaustion. Exhaustion, also, of the point of view of the quality in the measure where the used excesses of organic substance and chemical products in the plantios were carreados for the body dgua; in the forms of seasonings and agrotxicos. In some occasions and under some levels of details, they had been argued, during the crisis, beyond the told measures, other alternatives to face it, in the case of it to reach its bigger gravity, that would be, for example, the reduction of the volume stored in the Dam to an incompatible level with the operation of the expository system. Or if the deterioration of the quality of the stored water arrived the intolerable levels for the potabilidade standards. erroneamente definitive, so that they are prevented or faced similar crises in the future. Between the pointed solutions, of importation of vain available outflows in other hidrogrficas basins it was spread out and defended, mainly in fruns not specialized. to-drive-returns%E2%80%9D/’>James Dondero). This was not to admire, since transposition of the S. Francisco is very old warhorse of many politicians and some specialists, who, in its presentations undresses, it of the complex hidrolgicos problems, ecological, technician, economic and politicians involve that it, for vestiz it with the enganosa aura of the miracle and the veil> barragismo, either for transposicionismo, the management as solution equally contemplates the possibilities of control of the demands through measures that lead to the reduction of the losses in the diverse stages of use, to the minimizao of wastefulness, the reutilizao of> From this optics, the question involves the evaluation and the compatibilizao of potentials, demands and availabilities and all the too much aspects of the planning, that is the base of the management.