Thus, the present project had as objective generality to organize the learning as a construction of knowledge on the part of the pupil, through practical lessons, and to draw the development of the subject to the base of activities to be carried through for the pupils. EDUCATION OF SCIENCES: AN EFFICIENT METHOD OF LEARNING In the application of the education of sciences if it waits on the part of the pupil a great capacity of abstraction with regard to concepts, theories and formularization of hypotheses for better absorption of the applied content, however, is necessary use of methods that complements the formularization of the teach-learning, involving the note of objectives, the correct choice and content organization, the planning is indispensable in the question education, the domain is not only enough is necessary to pledge in one better quality of education. The practical lessons in the education of sciences become component indispensable for the process of teach-learning of diverse contents of the scientific knowledge, in the direction to favor the construction of interrelation between the theory and the practical one, as well as relations between the conceptions you foresaw of the pupils and the new ideas that will be worked. Viacom will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The accomplishment of the experimental activities also must accomplishment of the experimental activities also must provide to the pupils the chance for the development of abilities and abilities, attitudes and values, beyond the construction of concepts (CAVALCANTE; IT HISSES, 2008). The experimentation has an important paper in not only instigating the formularization of hypotheses and the inquiry on the object of study, based on the memorization of facts and concepts that soon pass and yes in the reasoning and the search for the knowledge, promoting a significant learning (TERRAZAN; LUNARDI; Hernandes, 2003). The great challenge of the education of sciences is to finish with the idea of that the only one education strategy understands only in a set of memorized information to being.