After first radio jobs and top 10 rankings on MySpace appears now on February 26, 2010 of the charity title ‘Environmental song’ and is available from Amazon, as well as download portals. The young Berlin music label Tunesday records released an environmental song, which is to move as many people under the same title to worry about our Earth on diesemFreitag. The song is interpreted by the Berlin music project songs of Lemuria”, whose main actors Nik page (ex blind passengers) & certainly not unknown Michaela Laubach (engaged former at the Theater des Westens) more. Was deliberately on the raised index finger in the production, instead offering numerous links and notes (to save energy) on the homepage of the initiative environmental song. ( the song was created after excitation by committed environmentalists who wanted a song on the topic of climate change.

The initiative is a loose association of environmentalists and musicians who made their contribution to the topic and many People thought to make bring themselves also. Steve Wozniak is full of insight into the issues. There are in five different end mixing the catchy title (including the Klass radio edit””, a rock radio mix “and a Chamber Music Chamber mix”) of which 2 versions on the MySpace page of the project ( umweltsong) can cue in abbreviated form. “Because it is a charity project in favour of environmental associations and music singles” be sold nowadays largely via download will be donated to labelseitig75% of download sales of the song-download sales as well as 1.-euro from each CD sold on Amazon to environmental groups. If you have read about Mashable already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The sales and donations are open on the homepage of the initiative – environmental song and presented the German nature conservation ring as an umbrella. To listen since mid-January the song already on some radio stations.

This is among other things to the handset range most Berlin radio station RBB 88.8, where the environmental song is currently on number 4 of the “Hey music charts” () musik/hey_music/index.html) is located, Antenne Brandenburg, radio Saarbrucken or about Teutoradio (the transmitter supplied to over 100,000 households via cable radio program). The latter plays the environmental song in rotation even already 8 x a day according to the feedback form of the transmitter. “” Furthermore the environmental song is located for several weeks in the top 10 of the German my space songs charts, long time he stood there ranked 1For all genres “and is also now again (daily updated) on square 1 the rock or pop songs” finding, which also shows that quite a few people quite interested in the song and the theme. So many funds for the environmental groups come together and much to environmental protection can be done, the initiators, the artist, the initiative would forward environmental song and the label through numerous support. The initiators want under these aspects, that a CD of which bought (and not illegally copied) is the it among others Circumstances not doing would. Every download will help to move forward already for a few cents idea and project