Because of the increase of the technological knowledge social life without firm moral rules, the Word of God has been rejected and the shepherds where this happens with more intensity will be rejected mainly will be themselves men of simple study in the area secular, But and at last necessary that he has shepherds in all the regions of the world and that well these questions are also informed on all that the world in its modern knowledge if involve. Today many shepherds of formation of basic or average educations already are not accepted in the churches, of the great cities, would be many useful ones in the regions of the interior where the culture of the people is simple or of roa, but some do not go, because of the family or why they do not want to leave its area of comfort. Many shepherds studied and formed in famous facultieses are without ministry why? They do not receive the wages worthy, simply many do not want more to pay shepherds this for reasons that if frustraram with some and because or if they find instructed well finding that they do not need pastorais instructions. Today many shepherds are taking care of more than the doctrine who had learned and if keeping of the heresies because you vary denominations are losing the focus of the Word of God. (I Timteo 4:16) – care of you and the doctrine Has exactly. Persevera in these things; because, making this, you will save yourself, as much you exactly as to they hear that you. It has an enormous amount of shepherds without ministries commanded for nothing, therefore it does not have ministries, and the reason will be this that the agencies that make conclios has, an intention of more not increasing the shepherds, for this reason is just, to put must justify the reality, but it will be for preventing the competition between them, is made a mistake therefore must leave that the churches decide on its shepherd to put if the church does not import with s doctrine also will be able to make same itself badly.