More and more Ukrainians prefer online shopping. Buying online make about 29% of Ukrainian Internet users, and it is not a lot, no less – about 1.5 million people, according to Gemius Ukraine. If you previously in this market worked mainly small companies, whose prices are 20-30% lower than in real shops, but now they are joined by and large retail chains by offering lower prices than in his own retail outlets. It is difficult to give an accurate estimate of Ukrainian Internet market, although the calculation of large companies is dictated by the rapid growth imeeno e-commerce in Ukraine. According to experts, this year the market for Internet commerce grew by 70% and its turnover for the moment about 90 million cu! The main drivers of growth they call an increase in Ukrainian Internet audience, as well as its growing confidence in online commerce. Most online shoppers live in the capital – Kyiv, which provide 70-80% of sales on the web. The remaining 20-30% of sales are in cities.

At this point in the Ukrainian sector of the Internet to 1200 actually working online stores. And this number is growing by 40-50% annually. Cause this increase is caused by a low-cost online store. At the same time, opportunities to compete with large chains over small network projects will be reduced. Already, half of the emerging stores disappeared within the first year of its existence.

Through the Internet today you can buy almost everything. And it is often not leaving the house. And if we take into account the factor that prices in online stores decreased by 15-20%, in shopping network becomes more attractive to the consumer. Become even more convenient Internet shopping services with the advent of monitoring online stores like Their essence lies in the fact that any Internet user has the ability to browse and compare prices for the same product in several online stores on the same page. Thus it is possible to buy much more profitable. How many real-world stores the buyer can on foot in search of a better price? And how long will it take? The undoubted advantage of online stores have in terms of ease of ordering and price disadvantages for each store and its customers.