The invention of the laptop due to the fact that people have always sought to miniature, functionality and ease of movement. Early models today is difficult to be considered miniature in size or weight. First, even laptop computers is a great achievement. Subsequently, the market of portable computers there were many dramatic changes. Currently, there are two ways of development. The highest priority – the development of massive and multifunction devices with 20-inch display and a processor with two or more cores. This device could easily replace us all the usual computer. The second trend worthy of a better description.

Ultra-portable computer called 'subnotebook' (subnotebook). Of course, that such devices are quite small dimensions, but the possibilities – like the powerful computers. Initially, manufacturers have considered subnotebooks like the popular fun, and did not expect profits from their sale. But everything changed with the advent of a subnotebook firm Asus – Eee pc, the Taiwanese company has made, so it became a successful model. Now, knowing the meaning of the term 'Subnotebook', we can and move on to recommendations that will help you choose a good device. Why should we look? 1 – the size of its screen. 2 – What size hard drive and ram. 3 – cpu performance.

4 – a capacity battery. 5-computer's capabilities in terms of network communications. Laptops, which now produces shows good batteries. They do not suffer from the disease called 'memory effect'. Thus, you no need to ensure that the battery is completely discharged to another charge, this can not wait. Although there are drawbacks such batteries – love the warmth and sensitivity to differences of electricity. On such a cold battery will soon be exhausted. Finally I want to note peripherals. Costly subnotebooks provide all methods of communication, both wired and wireless types. Connect to the network Internet radio devices can use Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth will help to exchange information with a mobile phone or pda. Cable connection you can use if you want to connect a printer, scanner or web-camera.