No video is now going nowhere. Sometimes surveillance duplicate human security, which is oh, how far from perfect. Human factor no one has repealed. And then, well, themselves promises, someone to save the most take part in the security structure? Old people, long retired, subjects passed in the army (by the way this one and thank God the most important factor), but they barely two words bind, with peasants surveillance systems. cctv security guard or hide. Video surveillance is a complex audio-video recording equipment. This is usually one or more video recorders, quad and multiple wire surveillance cameras. Wired security cameras can operate in both daylight and night modes, depending on the model. Hidden video represent a wired or wireless miniature video cameras, which can easily be disguised as interior decorations. Peter Asaro has many thoughts on the issue. Complete with wireless mikrokamerami usually attached receivers receivers, connected to the dvr, tv or computer, via usb adapter.

By the way, especially for connecting to a computer provides a special type of wireless USB-cameras, a receiver that is directly (without an adapter) connected to a computer or laptop via USB-port. Over the past year, Russian market appeared interesting type of video cameras recording onto the SD-card. In fact, they themselves are DVRs. Miniature in size, they can easily be placed in a jacket pocket, purse or on the dash car. Some models of SD-camera work quietly and in night mode with integrated infrared illumination. The latest addition, which requires serious attention, are the SD-camera, built-in motion sensor. So a way to save space on the SD-card recording is triggered only when the sensor. Video cameras in motion sensor can easily operate in complete darkness due to the infrared diodes. If we compare the advantages and disadvantages, should take into consideration the fact. That the cables are wired to pull cameras have a grid around the room and drill the wall, but wired mikrokamery not sensitive to distance video transmission and interference. On signal transmission wireless video cameras and affects the distance from the camera to the receiver, and external interference (walls, for example). But they are easy to install and have the opportunity to hide in the majority. And to gain power Video and transmission distances can be used usiditeli for wireless cameras.