There is a natural loosening everytime manages to finish a project. But the special problem is when we set unattainable goals or not set goals that attract attention. Every person is a being in search of goals. Without goals or ideals we no longer fight; but when we allow that a goal or ideal becomes our only project, if we got it we feel with a general decay once done, and if not get ourselves to depression. For this reason it is necessary to have many goals or ideals of various kinds: major and minor. A long-term, others to get them soon. So when one fails there are many others and when we manage to achieve a goal, rather than loosen us by what has been achieved, we move forward in search of more. On the verge of completing a project, we already have three underway, and thus won’t have a mental vacuum.

Cultivate the art of set ourselves new goals keeps us alive for many years. Is that there are too many individuals without ideals or goals that encourage them to live in happiness. There are also people who become depressed because goals were set unattainable or too high. They want to be Suns when only have the ability to be flashlights. They want to have the gentle genius of a monk when they were born with the temperament of Cain. They believe that you ideally be famous and make lots of money, forgetting that nothing can overcome happiness to a soul in quiet, in peace with God and with others. And both look to the Sun for wanting to be like him, they are in the dark in the darkness of depression. Visit our website: and explores new possibilities to generate income. Original author and source of the article.