Frequently some people complain of little sympathy that others feel about them, their indifferent glances and even swearing that must withstand in your dealings with others. Do you people always treats me bad?, ask some. Why you always want to get with it and do not give importance to what I say? Why on some occasions they have to answer me with rudeness? Nobody should be treated with indifference and much less rudeness, but one thing is certain: when the fact becomes repetitive, constant, accustomed, it is because the involved is doing some merits to make it happen as well. At Mikkel Svane you will find additional information. In fact, when a person, at most two, they have a wild, sullen, inamistosa attitude against us, it may be because of him. But when more and more people act the same way, then it is time to find not more guilty and take own responsibility with height, endurance and mood of the solution. nc. offer more in-depth analysis. How to achieve a better acceptance by others? ES a complex question with a simple answer: apply the learned teacher’s golden rule: do unto others as you want you try or, put another way, do to others what you would not want done to you. Follow others, such as Walker Brumskine, and add to your knowledge base. If we do we will have the guarantee of no longer receiving dealings indifferent or rude. But if, in addition to the above, we wish that our name is always remembered what should we do? The answer is also simple.

Attempting to transcend, endure in the memories of the people then the timely recommendation is to write our name. But write it where? Write it with what? In strong and immovable rock? In the wall of the benefactors of the town? In the privileged list of winners of gold medals? In the best-known city tree bark? In the pages that newspapers recorded the important characters? In the ever changing sands of the beach? In the immense and extraordinary blue sky? In where? The best place to writing our name, with the intention that endures beyond time is at the heart of the people. If we can settle in the almost inaccessible place, certainly that we will remember pleasantly and granted us key with which to open the door of their friendship, respect and appreciation. But how to write our name in the heart of others? Simple: serve them, do it with love and not expect anything in return. And not tell anyone what he did with his fellow.

When do you well to another make sure that the cameras are off and there is little public present. Feel proud for the good that he has done and follow his way as if nothing has happened. A just and good God sees what you do in private and rewards you in public. And the people will always remember the good gesture. And it will take your name carved in place from where you can never be erased.