Therefore, fuel cells can produce electricity with greater efficiency. Conceptually, a fuel cell consists of an anode, a cathode and an intervening barrier, the electrolyte. At the anode, the fuel with the formation of water is oxidized (surplus of electrons), oxygen from the air is ionized at the cathode (electron deficient). The two electrodes are now connected with a conductor, current between the electrodes comparable flows as in a battery. A fuel cell can be operated however continuously, fuel and air is led to constantly the respective electrodes. The eZelleron GmbH: The eZelleron GmbH, headquartered in Dresden, Germany is an innovative company with the Aimed at revolutionizing the portable power supply. The ever-increasing requirements for mobile energy storage can be covered only limited by battery systems and batteries. There as many people to the advantages of fuel cell can benefit and so get the freedom anywhere, anytime mobile to be able to use electronic devices.

For this reason worldwide research on fuel cell systems. A major breakthrough here the eZelleron – visions of the future be integrated into real products. For more information, see about Fraunhofer venture: the Fraunhofer venture founded in the year 1999, sees itself as a partner of Fraunhofer institutes, founders and startups, as well as by industry and investors. Young companies through access to Fraunhofer technologies, infrastructure and expertise offers the opportunity to establish themselves with their products on the market faster and better to over 5,200 patent families. To supplement experts of in business administration and Contract design of the existing technological competence of scientists. Entrepreneurs get an in-depth and targeted advice and support. The service range includes the creation, technology transfer, financing and investment management. For more information, see about eCAPITAL: the eCAPITAL is an entrepreneurial venture capital company headquartered in Munster, which actively accompanied innovative entrepreneurs in promising industries since 1999.

The focus is on fast-growing companies in the segments of information technology / communications, engineering / new materials, optical technologies, Cleantech, and innovative services. eCAPITAL manages five funds with capital of over 85 million drawing and nationwide invests in companies in the early stage and later stage phase, as well as in the small middle class”. For more information, see on the technology founder Fund Saxony (TFGS): the a TGFS is a VC Fund with a volume of 60 million in and invests in start-ups and young businesses exclusively in the high-tech field. The companies benefit in addition to the supply of equity capital from the experience of the Fund Manager, which accompanied more than 100 companies in the past 14 years. The a TGFS invested funds of the free State of Saxony, supported by the European Fund for regional development (EFRE) and by the societies of Chemnitz, Leipzig and Dresden, as well as by LBBW. For more information, see press contact Jorg Rothlingshofer phone 089 / 51 91 96 31